A Monthly Mix: August 2014



As if this year hasn’t already been a flat-out banner year for things we like, these past few months (and the next few on the horizon) have been tremendous in the melody department. Illustrating that fact quite well, this month’s mix is sixteen all new songs spanning the a good bit of the globe—kicking off in a probably undisclosed garage in California and finishing up as screaming feedback in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. SO FUN.

If this is the kind of brilliance that late-Summer is capable of, I think I might be willing to postpone my autumnal longing for just a little bit longer.

Here’s the tracklist and link. Listen loud! All of these songs hail from records either fresh out of the oven or just on their way out, so if you love them please dig a little deeper and support the bands!!!


01. Terry Malts “Let You In”
02. Bent Shapes “86’d in ‘03”
03. Earth Girls “Who We’ve Never Met”
04. Crabapple “Loose Ends”
05. Joanna Gruesome “Coffee Implosion”
06. Lightfoils “Addict”
07. Rat Columns “Pink Mist”
08. Literature “New Jacket”
09. Alvvays “Atop A Cake”
10. The Luxembourg Signal “We Go On”
11. Flowers “Joanna”
12. Siamese Twins “Alone”
13. Amanda X “Dream House”
14. Fleabite “Boom Boom Boom” (Vengaboys cover, kinda)
15. Cancers “Glaciers”
16. Aerofall “Nice”