Nobody’s Business!



After much hoping and waiting, the first compilation from Netherlands POP label Candy Twist is finally seeing the light of day! Nobody’s Business is PURE POP through and through, a new flag to wave around and then dance on top of until you can’t dance anymore.

Like any pop compilation worth it’s salt, the twelve tracks span the globe more than a few times—and it’s quite without hyperbole when I say that this thing is wall-to-wall gems. From the fuzzbomb opener from The Fireworks to the bittersweet lounge sway of Making Marks’ “Breakthough”, there’s plenty to warrant an endless amount of listens.

Preorders are up now aaaaaaand if you hop on that train right now you’ll get the FREE and exclusive accompanying fanzine featuring 48 pages of interviews with the bands on this LP, and all sorts of other things!

Listen to the whole compilation on bandcamp!

Half way through listening to this, and it’s PERFECT….