Imagine you’re in a band, and when you played shows, people were permanently disfigured or injured. That there was a number of times when people lost the ability to walk because they came to see your fucking show! These were people who got jumped on. How does that feel? It fucking sucks! Do you like to walk? I like to walk. [The criticism of our banter] shows this deeply fucked up, cynical attitude. Like, “He’s trying to cut back on our freedoms.” Freedom to what? To injure people? Fuck you. You’re not free to do that. If I’m having a dinner party, you’re not welcome to fucking cut my other guests.

I could listen to Ian MacKaye all day, forever. (via nervousacid)

I think that my uncle is the only accountant I know that’s broken their leg at a Fugazi show.  In all seriousness, though, I fucking hate when people jump on you at shows.

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